Blend Media

About us

Our mission is to make immersive content, creators and solutions accessible and connect all parts of the ecosystem.

Our vision

A world where people are using immersive content every day because immersive experiences improve work, life and play. 

Technology advances over the last few years have extended our reality, blending fact with fiction to create experiences that transform our lives. It’s a world where extended reality (XR) content and experiences help us to communicate effectively, deepen our learning, work more efficiently, and play in environments that transport us to places beyond our imagination’s reach. 

Blend Media

Why Blend

The understanding of what’s possible, coupled with access to high-quality XR content and world-class talent is a significant challenge when embarking on an immersive project. That’s precisely where Blend Media comes in.

Our experience in the AR/VR/360/3D industry has seen us work with hundreds of clients from small start-ups to large enterprises and blue-chip companies.

Our marketplace, the world’s first XR talent pool, is a global community of immersive technologists. Upload a brief to match specific needs with the right immersive expert.

Our 360˚ content library is the most comprehensive and premium collection, with tens of thousands of breathtaking 360˚ images and videos from 4K to 12K, 2D & 3D.

We have been at the forefront of immersive technologies, techniques and creators for over five years and our team of experts are experienced in creating all types of XR projects.

The Team

Steve Potts
Non Executive Director
Lucie Tornier
Content & Creator Partnerships Manager
Sara Martin
Head of XR Solutions
Laura Helm
Head of Partnerships
Simon Brooksbank
Chief Content Officer
Damian Collier
Founder and CEO
Kerry Jones
Chief Technical Officer