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45% VR growth rate
The global virtual reality in automotive market size is predicted to grow (CAGR) 45% to $14.7 Bn by 2027

The future of automotive will be driven by immersive and engaging processes from prototyping to purchase. XR content and experience are powerful solutions for optimisation, collaboration and brainstorming with reduced cost and time. 

XR-powered applications allow designers to render concepts in 3D to create realistic prototypes, transforming and rapidly increasing the development process. For sales and marketing, imagine interactive virtual showrooms and test drives overlaid with key information and narratives about the make of the vehicle to help consumers make better purchase decisions. XR powered retail for automotives is an exceptional means for impactful and effective pitches of new and existing models while deeping the trust and loyalty of the consumer.

3D models

Automotives can be brought to life through 3D realistic visualisations of a vehicle or an entire virtual showroom. It can give designers and consumers a detailed and closer look at an array of configurations and customizations with ease. Imagine viewing a car in various colours, comparing the engine of two versions of a motorbike model or a 360° view of a van while playing around with options for accessories and seating. The potential is limitless for 3D products in all stages of the process from prototyping to designing to selling to the consumer. Read more…

95% consumers prefer 3D
95% consumers prefer interactive 3D to video playback for its high level of detail and multi-angle inspection

Brand engagement

This is an opportunity for brands to communicate their personality, values and purpose by increasing the audience’s involvement with them through highly engaging content. Think about immersive storytelling to communicate USPs like manufacturing capabilities, environmental considerations and innovation. You can capture and deepen your connection with new and existing audiences by incorporating shareable content into the platforms that consumers are already using in their daily lives. Read more…

70% awareness increase
Brand awareness can increase by up to 70% through the use of AR

Product launch

Brands and businesses can deliver impactful product launches that incorporate AR, VR, 3D and 360˚ content and experiences that are rapidly shareable across multiple channels. A social media driving game using the new model or place the car/bike/van on your driveway to see how it fits, compare stats and hear the roar or the engine. A product launch that includes XR can better establish and maximise product awareness and reach across a range of industries by allowing consumers to experiment with new products, learn more about them and make a purchase. Read more…

65% higher purchase
Customers are 65% more likely to buy a product which offers an AR experience before purchase
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