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45% reduction in design time
3D modelling has enabled efficient construction design by reducing rendering time by 45% in comparison to 2D

XR solutions provide the construction industry with the means to optimise design visualisation, collaboration and training and development.

XR has the ability to bring blueprints and building plans to life with 3D models for a detailed view, error and quality checks and changes to the design, optimising costs, time and effort. 3D modelling and virtual tours of buildings offer a safe and risk-free training space with which to experiment and make mistakes before getting into hands-on work, while VR training of soft and technical skills enables the workforce to upskill efficiently and gain confidence before implementing their training in practice. And for sales and marketing teams, 360° VR tours of construction projects can be developed, allowing buyers to participate in the design phase of their own project.

Virtual tour

360° virtual tours have the potential to bring developments to life. The viewer can take a stroll and fly through expansive sites in remote locations, with the feature to overlay information such as route guides, technical information or narratives about the spaces. It is an exemplary medium to showcase projects all around the world to clients or trainees or for visualisation during the design phase. Read more…

2 week decision time
Customers using a virtual tour in their home search spent an average of 2 weeks on the process compared to 7 weeks

Employee orientation

It is an effective, immersive means for companies to introduce and welcome employees. Through engaging and realistic AR, VR and 360˚ experiences, impactful introductions to office spaces and new cities can be made, with key information overlaid onto the physical surroundings. It is a solution that is detailed, personal and scalable, and ensures the employees have a positive start, especially those relocating to a new region. Read more…

70% improved performance
Implementing VR for training improves employee performance by 70%

Skills training

Through the use of XR experiences, companies can train employees to improve their skills, in an impactful way. Imagine an experiential learning environment that uses multisensory teaching techniques to match the different ways we learn. By virtually putting themselves in the shoes of others, employees can build stronger interpersonal relationships and learn about building empathy and understand diversity and inclusion. Read more…

96% training time reduction
With a VR experience training time has seen a 96% reduction
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