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90% learning recall
The recall for immersive learning is 90% versus 10% compared to a book and 50% through a standard video

Capturing the learner’s attention has never been easier and more effective. XR is an engaging and impactful medium for experiential learning in any setting spanning from schools and universities to technical training for specific professions. Using an immersive medium for education has the unique potential to allow the audience to leverage the learning style that best suits their needs. It has the ability to capture the learner’s curiosity for long periods, teach concepts more accurately and maximise in-depth understanding.

Immersive education

Imagine a learning environment where students of all ages can be transported to remote locations relevant to their subjects, think witnessing the migrations on the Serengeti or performing virtual surgery in an operation simulation. Educators can hold the attention of the learner, increase their level of understanding and feed their curiosity like never before. Through 360° videos projected onto classroom walls, desktops or Head Mounted Displays (HMD), topics can be brought off the page to communicate accurate concepts in a way that goes beyond the imagination. Read more…

20% increase in confidence
20% higher levels of confidence and self-efficacy can be observed in students using immersive training

Employee orientation

It is an effective, immersive means for organisations to welcome visitors through engaging and realistic VR-powered modules to introduce campus, offices and new cities, with key information overlaid onto the physical surroundings. It is a solution that is detailed, personal and scalable, and ensures a positive start, especially for those attending from a new region or country. Read more…

70% improved performance
Implementing VR for training improves performance by 70%

Virtual tour

Immersive 360˚ virtual tours are an impactful medium for experiential learning for students and trainees in all disciplines of study. It is the opportunity to transport learners to remote and inaccessible environments (both real and fictional) from the past, present or future. They can learn by being present and experiencing environments related to their subjects like learning history while taking a walk through an ancient civilisation in Greece or a tour of an aircraft while training to fly. Read more…

67% want a virtual tour
67% of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours
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