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70% awareness increase
Brand awareness can increase by up to 70% through the use of AR

The future of entertainment is a drastic shift towards multisensory, highly immersive and holistic experiences beyond the bounds of imagination. XR has the potential to bring any form of entertainment to life, fight Rocky in a virtual reality game, dance with Kylie through an AR-powered Instagram experience, or dive into complete worlds, like Asgard, where you can interact with 3D characters and objects. It’s all about ‘story living’ for the pinnacle of entertainment.

Brand engagement

This is an opportunity for brands to communicate their personality, values and purpose by shifting from story-telling to story-living. Immersive experiences have the potential to involve the audience with the brand through multisensory content for ultimate levels of entertainment. You can capture and deepen your connection with new and existing audiences, for example, using AR-powered Instagram filters to create a game for Heathers The Musical. Read more…

61% prefer XR experiences
61% customers prefer brands that offer XR experiences

Product launch

Think of impactful product launches which entertain the audience through content that is rapidly shareable across multiple channels. Using XR, you can maximise awareness with your audience and kindle their curiosity through interactive AR, VR and 360 experiences, album artwork as a social filter from The Streets, LADBible’s AR powered dance video of KSI and Craig David, or a virtual reality world to support a film launch. Read more…

96% increase in conversions
Conversion rates of customers increased up to 90% with an immersive experience

3D products

Objects are brought to life through three dimensional (3D) representations within XR experiences. Imagine interacting with realistic 3D simulations of characters or an immersive game that gives you the feeling of being in Gotham City as Batman, 3D has the potential to take XR entertainment to another level. Read more…

95% consumers prefer 3D
95% consumers prefer interactive 3D to video playback for its high level of detail and multi-angle inspection
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