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$11.6 Bn VR market size
The global virtual reality in healthcare market size is predicted to grow 38% to $11.6 Bn by 2028

XR solutions have the ability to transform healthcare, from clinician to patient. VR training allows for low-risk training for high-risk scenarios and is a platform for detailed and personalized exposure to procedures, environments and equipment. Think practice surgeries, tours of hospital environments or witnessing complicated medical procedures up-close. 

For patients, 360° VR content can be used as a distraction during medical procedures for a less painful experience or simply to make them feel more comfortable during procedures such as chemotherapy or dialysis. Immersive content is also effective for rehabilitation therapy for sufferers of traumatic brain injury or stroke and also for patients of dementia to trigger memories or emotions. It’s possible to transport the patient to a golf course, a peaceful park, church or even letting them take a seat at a kitchen table to stimulate appetite.

Distraction therapy

360° videos and virtual reality headsets can aid phenomenally to keep the patient engaged and distracted during painful or uncomfortable surgical procedures. With the help of VR headsets, it is easier to tune out of the present situation and be transported to a more exciting or calmer environment which allows patients to be at ease. Read more…

80% feel less pain
80% of patients who underwent a surgery felt less pain while using VR headsets for distraction therapy

Virtual tour

It is an impactful means to allow professionals to familiarize themselves with new work environments and equipment. Virtual tours can bring locations to life to offer the feeling of being present and taking a stroll or flying through remote environments. Through 360° video content, AR applications and virtual reality headsets you can provide exceptional and detailed tours of expansive facilities, often with informational content overlaid onto the physical world. Read more…

67% want a virtual tour
67% of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours

Skills training

Immersive training is an effective means to train users for empathy to perceive situations from the patient’s perspective. It gives the learner the opportunity to embody the different people they will be working with and hone their emotional intelligence in a safe, test environment for better services to their patients. Read more…

27% more confidence
VR training is 4x faster than traditional settings and learners are 27% more confident to act on what they've learned
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