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+130% hotel bookings
Customers are 130% more likely to book a room when offered a virtual tour

Immersive and multi-sensory content has the potential to revolutionise travel and tourism planning. Through engaging XR experiences, consumers can get a real sense of what their adventure will be like, providing inspiration, supporting decision-making and reducing time to purchase. 

From viewing a boutique hotel to visiting a historical city or even experiencing the feeling of travelling in  First Class on British Airways, travellers can have the comfort and confidence to make well-informed decisions throughout their booking process. Once at their destination, XR content and experiences can help make the most of the visit for the traveller and provide an up-sell opportunity for the host, think AR-powered resort guides that can help with exploration and an improved customer experience, and 360˚ city tours to aid excursion booking.

Virtual tour

Virtual tours can bring locations to life and provide an immersive experience that offers the feeling of going on a journey through real or conceptual environments. They have a versatile potential to open up experiences like never before, take a stroll through new hotels, historic cities and even ships, planes and trains. Through 360° video content, AR applications and virtual reality headsets, virtual tours have the power to transport you to new and remote environments, often with informational content overlaid onto the physical worlds. It is an impactful way to showcase unique travel destinations through a multisensory and detailed experience to draw in customers like never before. Read more…

67% want a virtual tour
67% of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours

Product launch

Brands can deliver impactful product launches that incorporate AR, VR, 3D and 360˚ content and experiences that are rapidly shareable across multiple channels. A product launch that includes XR can better establish and maximise product awareness and reach across a range of industries by allowing consumers to experiment with new products, learn more about them and make a purchase. Think about an entertaining and engaging summer holiday sale or virtual tours of a new hotel chain to maximise product awareness and reach. Read more…

90% increase in conversions
Conversion rates of customers increased up to 90% with an immersive experience

Brand engagement

This is an opportunity to capture and deepen the connection with new and existing customers through realistic showcases of locations and experiences for their next vacation. Brands can increase consumers’ engagement through unique multisensory content shifting from storytelling to story living, for example, an immersive tour of a chain of hotels in unique destinations all around the world. Read more…

70% awareness increase
Brand awareness can increase by up to 70% through the use of AR
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