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+10% operational output
10% operational benefits have been observed in 75% of organisations with large-scale AR-VR implementations

XR solutions have the potential to revolutionise the internal processes of a business. Through immersive content and experiences business performance can be improved at every level from admin teams in HR, finance and marketing to the C-suite. Through experiences like 360˚ orientation and office tours, virtual reality training and recruitment, and 3D enabled product development and collaboration, operational activities and initiatives can increase in efficacy and impact. 

AR, VR, and MR, sit under the umbrella of Extended Reality (XR).

Virtual tour

XR powered virtual tours of office spaces and immersive city guides are a personal, yet scalable, solution to welcome and introduce new employees, and those relocating to a new workplace. It is an effective means to familiarise them with the new environment and equipment they will be working with, as well as an impactful medium to communicate company values. Read more…

67% want a virtual tour
67% of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours.

Employee orientation

It is an effective, immersive means for companies to introduce and welcome employees. Through engaging and realistic AR, VR and 360˚experiences, impactful introductions to office spaces and new cities can be made, with key information overlaid onto the physical surroundings. It is a solution that is detailed, personal and scalable, and ensures the employees have a positive start, especially those relocating to a new region. Read more…

70% improved performance
Implementing VR for training improves the employees’ performance by 70%

Soft skills training

Through the use of XR experiences, companies can train employees to improve their skills in an impactful way. Imagine an experiential learning environment that uses multisensory teaching techniques to match the different ways in which we learn. By virtually putting themselves in the shoes of others, employees can build stronger interpersonal relationships and learn to build empathy, and understand diversity and inclusion. Read more…

40% training time reduction
Immersive teaching techniques reduces the time spent in training by up to 40%
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