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Product development

£264 Bn GDP boost
Applying AR and VR in product development influences a GDP boost of $360 billion by 2030

XR is an efficient medium to bring vehicles, habitats, and any object to life long before they are built. Designs and plans can be realised through 3D models, 360° visualizations and immersive VR with the pivotal advantage to experiment and collaborate with customizations efficiently and effectively. From detailed views of architectural plans and furniture design to vehicle prototyping and cell modelling a shared virtual space, with clients or colleagues, has huge benefits.

Product visualization

Products can be brought to life through 3D imitations and XR powered experiences. Realistic in environment visualisations help shoppers view designs at scale, in various customizations, in their own living spaces before making a purchase. Read more…

53% organisation usage
53% of use XR for product engineering and virtual design

3D products

Within XR experiences, products and objects are brought to life through three dimensional (3D) representations. Through existing product images and other relevant information, 3D models are created, providing the ability to see and interact with prototypes that are to scale and offer a very close visualization to the outcome. Read more…

95% prefer 3D
95% consumers prefer interactive 3D to video playback for its high level of detail and multi-angle inspection
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