Easily Build Interactive 360˚ Experiences

  1. 1. Choose or Upload
  2. 2. Edit & Customise
  3. 3. Publish & Share

1. Choose, Upload or Commission

  • Choose from our curated catalogue of professionally created 360˚ content.

  • Upload your own 360˚ content or commission a professional creator from our global network.

  • Choose a custom coloured background or from a range of pre-prepared textures.

2. Edit & Customise

  • Add content and interactions to your 360˚ scenes in minutes using our powerful editor, all via the Web browser. No code required!

  • Quickly enrich a scene by adding 2D video, images, customisable text and custom audio tracks.

  • Take your viewers beyond the scene with banners, embedded hyperlinks and scene links to other 360˚ scenes.

3. Publish & Share

  • Publish & share scenes directly to social networks in a single step, as well as via weblinks and embeddables with <iframe>. No apps needed!

  • Generate Facebook & Twitter share cards, output equirectangular images to Facebook (including metadata) and distribute via VPAID & VAST.

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Watch a 360 story

360 Tours

We worked with Everton F.C. to create an immersive experience that brings fans closer to their favourite football club.



Universal Music Group used 360 Stories to create an immersive competition for Record Store Day.


Training Experiences

We created a 360 experience for L’Oréal’s training division, MATRIX. Viewers are taken inside a salon and provided with tips and best practices.


Virtual Tours

We worked with Bubble Student to help university students find their ideal accommodation during their studies.


Tell me more about 360 Stories

What is 360 content?

360 or immersive content is video and imagery where a view in every direction is captured at the same time, providing a 360-degree panorama.  When looking at 360 content, the user is able to enter an immersive environment and mentally transport themselves and experience another place without physically being there.

What are the benefits of 360 video versus standard video?

Engagement metrics for 360 video content consistently outperform 2D video, with higher click-through rates and increased dwell time. Clicking on a hotspot button and teleporting to new scenes in a highly realistic environment heightens the richness of a fully interactive experience for the user.

How do I make 360 Stories?

360 Stories is an easy-to-use online platform developed by Blend Media that combines 360 video, 2D content, interactivity and hotspots to create a rich multimedia environment for a brand to tell their story.  In just three steps, anyone can create professional virtual experiences using simple drag and drop functionality.  No coding is required and you can make use of your existing brand assets. Our friendly team is always happy to assist whenever you need.

How do I get content for 360 Stories?

Our market-leading 360 content library is integrated within the 360 Stories platform, which gives you access to over 15,000 videos and images to choose from.  In addition to footage from Blend’s library, you can also make use of your existing brand assets and own content - more photos and video, documents, or any additional information - all with your custom branding.

How do I capture 360 videos or imagery?

You need to have a 360 camera in order to capture videos and imagery in 360. Take a look at this article on our website about the best 360 cameras to invest in.

What files can I upload to 360 Stories?

You can upload 2D images up to a file size of 2MB, 2D videos up to a file size of 256MB and 360 videos up to a file size of 1GB.

How do I share 360 Stories?

We leverage WebVR so you can easily publish and share your 360 story across all networks in a single step.

Is 360 Stories compatible across all web browsers?

Yes, the output works across all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge), and is optimised for use on Chrome. The output also works on iOS and Android.

Do I need to use a headset to view 360 Stories?

In addition to being viewable on VR headsets, 360 Stories is also viewable on all mobile and desktop devices.

How much does it cost?

Please have a look at our pricing page for more information.

Can Blend Media make a 360 Story for me?

We would love to! For a basic one-off cost, we can film, edit and produce a 360 experience for you via our extensive 360 creators network. Get in touch with us at sales@blend.media.