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86% back 360˚ content
86% of brands that have deployed 360° video have confirmed its efficacy in marketing

360˚ video and photography enables viewers to be transported to another location or environment without the need to travel there. Filmed using specially designed cameras, the recorded field of view is spherical, capturing everything within view of the camera. 360˚ video viewed online would be considered 360˚ video but when viewed on a VR headset it’s seen more as being 360VR due to the fully immersive nature of the experience.

360˚ video and photography content can be licensed for use or produced bespoke according to the requirements of the project and client needs.

Extended realities (XR) is the umbrella term of augmented reality, virtual reality, 360˚ and 3D.

Virtual tour

360˚ virtual tours can bring locations to life and provide an immersive journey that offers the realistic feeling of being present in remote environments. Through vivid audio visuals surrounding the audience, real and fictional locations from the past, present or future can be brought to life. It can have an expansive range of applications such as to showcase an expansive retreat in an exotic location or teach in detail about the interiors of the pyramids in Giza. Read more…

67% want a virtual tour
67% of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours

Immersive education

Immersive education is highly interactive experiential learning. Educators can hold the attention of the learner, increase their level of understanding and feed their curiosity like never before. Through 360° videos projected onto classroom walls, desktops or Head Mounted Displays (HMD), topics can be brought off the page to communicate accurate concepts in a way that goes beyond the imagination. Read more…

90% learning recall
The recall for immersive learning is 90% versus 10% compared to a book and 50% through a standard video

Brand engagement

Brands can immerse their audience in 360° virtual worlds complete with minor details that communicate their personality, values and purpose. Through engaging and interactive experiences in immersive rooms, full domes, on desktops, tablets or phones or using Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), brands can capture and deepen the connection with new and existing audiences, by increasing their involvement with the brand like never before. Read more…

70% awareness increase
Brand awareness can increase by up to 70% through the use of AR
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