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10x sales increase with 3D
Increase in online sales conversion of up to 10 times for 3D/AR-enabled product pages

3D has the power to revolutionise XR experiences and take them to the next level through deep involvement and exploration. By creating detailed and to-scale objects, brands and businesses can engage with a variety of elements allowing them to communicate more effectively, visualise concepts accurately and experiment with design collaboratively, from shopping to science. 

3D elements are a fundamental element in all XR experiences and content, from 3D solar systems in AR-powered education tools to 3D simulations in VR soft skills training, and virtual try-on of 3D clothing accessories and jewellery. 

Extended realities (XR) is the umbrella term of augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 and 3D.

3D products

Through existing product images, and other relevant information, 3D models are created, providing the ability to see and interact with objects that are to scale and can be used for eCommerce, education, product development and scientific research. Read more…

+27% purchase rate
Consumers are 27% more likely to make a purchase after viewing a 3D model

Virtual try-on

Virtual try-on (VTO) allows users to ‘virtually’ try on 3D pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes using camera-equipped devices such as mobile phones, tablets or smart mirrors. It is all about realistic 3D digitisation of items that you can place on the body to view from various angles and experiment with to aid purchase decisions. It is an impactful shopping feature for fashion and furniture brands to give the consumer an accurate view of a range of products from all angles for an accurate understanding of appeal, size and fit.  Read more…

2-3x more engagement
2-3 times longer product engagement times with a 3D object when online

Product launch

Through the inclusion of 3D products within XR experiences, consumers are highly involved with the product from various angles giving them a close to real-life experience. Through engaging, realistic and highly shareable content, 3D has the potential to take product launches to the next level in a wide range of markets such as furniture, electronics, sports gear, art and other consumer categories. Read more…

30% reduction in sales cost
30% reduction in sales transaction cost when a 3D product is part of the sales process
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