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3D products

95% consumers prefer 3D
95% consumers prefer interactive 3D to video playback for its high level of detail and multi-angle inspection
27% purchase rate
Consumers are 27% more likely to make a purchase after viewing a 3D model
94% higher conversion
The conversion rate with AR content is 94% higher than products without AR
40% will spend more
40% consumers are willing to invest more into a product they can experience virtually first

What is it?

Within XR experiences, products and objects are brought to life through three dimensional (3D) representations. Through existing product images and other relevant information, 3D models are created, providing the ability to see and interact with objects that are to scale and can be used for eCommerce, education, product development and scientific research.

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How can it be used?

Visualising products in 3D can allow for thousands of variations and configurations to be produced giving consumers the ability to customise products instantly on a website and view at home the final result using AR. This can be anything from an intricate engagement ring to a sofa or a designer handbag. Multiple 3D products can be developed to build an entire environment, like a virtual store or a showhouse. 

For eCommerce, 3D products in an AR environment have many applications across furniture, electronics, sports gear, art and other consumer categories. Outside of eCommerce, accurate 3D models can support the education of concepts like space and the universe; enhance product development and design; and aid the visualisation of items too small to see with the human eye, like anti-cancer modalities in the field of scientific research.

Intricate jewellery models
Provide consumers with an incredibly detailed view from every angle of the ring, watch or bracelet they’re thinking of buying. Developed by VR Pole
BA's first-class cabin
Nothing allows you to visualise what flying first-class with British Airways feels like more than a complete 3D cabin experience. Developed by Neutral Digital
Visualising anticancer modalities
By creating its oncology pipeline as 3D models Amgen was able to explore the different modalities they would be investigating as part of clinical trials.

Who is using it?

3D products and their placement in XR experiences are beneficial to all industries. From cell structure modelling by pharmaceutical companies to clothing and accessory try-on for retailers, to vehicle prototyping and much more.

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The ability to see and interact with objects and products that are three dimensional and to scale is beneficial for brands and businesses alike.

Accurate representations
3D products provide accurate size and scale for increased consumer confidence.
Aids communication
Visualised concepts aid the comprehension of ideas and stimulates discussion.
Effective collaboration
A shared understanding improves product development and collaboration.

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