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Brand engagement

70% awareness increase
Brand awareness can increase by up to 70% through the use of AR
86% brands back 360˚
86% of brands that have deployed 360° video have confirmed its efficacy in marketing
61% prefer XR experiences
61% customers prefer brands that offer XR experiences
28% conversion increase
3D content on company websites can increase conversion by up to 27.6%

What is it?

This is an opportunity for brands to communicate their personality, values and purpose by shifting from story-telling to story-living. Highly immersive experiences can capture and deepen the connection with new and existing audiences, by increasing their involvement with the brand like never before.

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How can it be used?

The opportunity for brands to engage more meaningfully with audiences through XR has a wide scope, they can present unique experiences to their audiences at home, in a brand environment or through standalone experiences (think transportation hubs, events and pop-ups). It can be used to invoke feelings of nostalgia, fun, anticipation and curiosity to gain a bond and increase brand loyalty. 

The content can include audiovisuals, aromas, narratives and tactility like The Macallan presented with its virtual journey through its state-of-the-art distillery development. Brand engagement can entertain and enthuse the consumer through AR-powered games, immersive origin stories and exclusive access to brand worlds like Charlotte Tilbury’s virtual store which closely mimics the physical experience.

Nostalgic fun
Disney used a 360° virtual reality game to engage the audience as their anniversary celebration.
Personalised content
Heathers the Musical used AR powered instagram filters to appeal to its music lovers in a game which told the user which Heathers the Musical song they were.
Exclusive access
The Macallan provided a unique virtual reality story-living experience to take its audience on a journey through the diligent process involved in creating its whiskey.

Who is using it?

The benefits of deeper engagement can be felt from brands with a fun and playful personality to purpose-driven organisations and commercial entities.

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Brand engagement using XR content and experiences drives customer acquisition and retention and further deepens their connection to the brand.

Increased brand awareness
Builds brand awareness and widens reach through amplification.
Effective brand storytelling
Effective channel to communicate brand story and values.
Consumer acquisition
Brings consumers closer to the brand and attracts a new following.

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