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Distraction and rehabilitation therapy

94% felt more relaxed
100% of patients reported that their overall hospital experience was improved by wearing the headset, while 94% said they felt more relaxed
73% feel less anxious
73% of patients felt less anxious while undergoing medical procedures through XR distraction therapy
80% feel less pain
80% of patients who underwent a surgery felt less pain while using VR headsets for distraction therapy
40% PTSD symptom improvement
A two-year trial found some patients could see almost a 40% improvement in their symptoms

What is it?

XR in healthcare is booming as an effective means for treatments, therapy and rehabilitation. Virtual reality content is multisensory and engaging, ideal for the treatment of brain injury, stroke, dementia or to keep the patient engaged and distracted during painful or uncomfortable surgical procedures. With the help of VR headsets, it is easier to tune out of the present situation and be transported to a more exciting or calmer environment which allows patients to be at ease.

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How can it be used?

360° VR content can be used to give patients a more comfortable, less painful experience during medical procedures and also to restore and rehabilitate them from medical conditions. While providing dementia care, XR is effective in triggering a memory or familiar feelings (comfort, hunger, happiness) by stimulating all the human senses. You can transport the patients to give them the feeling of standing on a golf course, or watching the sunset by the seaside or even let them take a seat at a busy kitchen table. 

The benefits can be felt across a wide variety of conditions, for example using 360° content for hypnobirthing or intravenous therapy allows patients to have a, relatively, calmer and less painful experience by stimulating the brain with relaxing and calming experiences, their happy place in full 360˚ like underwater scenes where they’re swimming with turtles.

Dementia care
By providing 360VR content of a familiar setting, patients can be reminded of past experiences triggering feelings of happiness, hunger or comfort.
360˚ content supports hypnobirthing by stimulating the brain with beautiful videos and a soothing soundtrack, enabling deep relaxation and reduced pain. Created by Julian Tramper
Distraction therapy
VR distraction therapies help reduce stress and anxiety in patients undergoing medical treatment associated with excessive pain or that take long periods of time to complete.

Who is using it?

Health providers and companies wishing to provide meditative and mindful experiences to employees, frontline workers and patients are adopting VR experiences.

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Using XR within medical procedures can reduce discomfort and aid relaxation. It is also effective to stimulate the brain for rehabilitation by triggering memories and feelings.

Improved procedures
Smoother medical procedures for both patient and clinician.
Reduced pain
Reduces pain and supports a calmer mental and physical state.
Brain stimulation
Effective in stimulating the brain for rehabilitation, triggering feelings of happiness or hunger.

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