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Employee orientation

70% improved performance
Implementing VR for training improves the employees’ performance by 70%
+10% operational output
10% operational benefits have been observed in 75% of organisations with large-scale AR-VR implementations
4x emotionally connected
Employees undergoing XR training were 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners
30% increase in satisfaction
Associates who used VR training reported 30% higher satisfaction and had up to 15% higher knowledge retention

What is it?

XR powered employee orientation such as 360° office tours, virtual reality inductions and immersive city guides are a personal, yet scalable, solution to welcome and introduce new employees, and those relocating, to a new workplace.

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How can it be used?

An XR orientation is an effective and consistent way to familiarise employees with the new environment and equipment they will be working with, as well as an impactful medium to communicate company values. Through an immersive and captivating experience guided by voiceovers, like L’Oréal’s detailed salon tour, you can set expectations and ways of working from the outset to ensure a positive start to their journey.

As seen in Deloitte’s 360˚ virtual reality Shanghai city tour, it offers a warm welcome to employees who are relocating to new regions to provide a deep and memorable understanding of what’s in store and can be utilised by new employees as the company expands creating cost savings and economies of scale.

Salon experience induction
A guide to L’Oréal’s salon with information overlay and narration to welcome and inform new employees on how the salon is run.
Office tour
A new way to welcome new and relocating employees allowing them to familiarise themselves with their new offices and their co-workers.
Shanghai orientation
An engaging and interactive 360 experience that enabled employees to feel confident and comfortable with their office relocation.

Who is using it?

The benefits of a well-conducted induction can be felt by businesses and brands across all sectors, delivering a well informed and prepared workforce from day one.

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Immersive employee orientation using XR ensures an impactful, personalised and consistent means to introduce and familiarise employees to a new workplace and city.

Start well
Impactful medium to ensure a quick and positive start for employees in a new setting.
Scale and adapt
Modules within the solution can be used time and again and easily updated.
Communicate effectively
An effective communication medium that ensures consistency of message.

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