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Immersive education

90% learning recall
The recall for immersive learning is 90% versus 10% compared to a book and 50% through a standard video
97% student attendance
97% of students surveyed voted that they would attend an immersive classroom
20% increase in confidence
20% higher levels of confidence and self-efficacy can be observed in students using immersive training
90% belief in VR
90% educators believe VR technology is an effective way to provide differentiated and personalised education

What is it?

Immersive education is all about learning through experiences to increase pupils’ attention and understanding. Through AR-powered apps, virtual reality headsets and 360° videos, topics can be brought off the page in a way that goes beyond the imagination.

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How can it be used?

Imagine a learning environment where you can be transported to ancient worlds or see the solar system in 3D. Immersive education allows students to indulge in experiential learning for effective communication of concepts, taking a stroll along the Great Wall of China, or meeting and interacting with dinosaurs from over a hundred million years ago. Teaching in this way provides the opportunity to learn through many different teaching styles to best suit the students’ needs.

Enhanced online learning
Space Detectives used an AR app to allow students to observe the solar system by projecting it onto their physical environments, accessible at home or in the classroom.
Syllabus aligned content
Full3Sixty displayed 360° videos of nature and underwater environments linked to the teaching syllabus in their floor-to-ceiling immersive classrooms.
Employee education
Employees at Great Western Trains were presented with a 3D X-ray-like overlay of an engine, with intractable areas to view basic attributes and part descriptions. Developed by Totem Learning

Who is using it?

With this approach to highly interactive and immersive education, it is possible to hold the attention of the learner and feed their curiosity like never before.

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Adopting immersive education enables a holistic learning experience that caters to different learning styles, and provides a means for impactful and accurate communication of concepts.

Mixed teaching techniques
Utilises a range of teaching techniques and caters to different learning styles.
Improved learning outcomes
Ensures accurate understanding and stronger retention of knowledge.
Increased attention span
Can capture and hold the attention of the learner for longer periods.

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