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Product launch

90% increase in conversions
Conversion rates of customers increased up to 90% with an immersive experience
40% willing to spend more
40% consumers are willing to invest more into a product they can experience virtually first
11x more likely to purchase
Consumers are 11x more likely to make a purchase when XR features are used in-app
+72% in unplanned purchases
72% of customers who were given an immersive experience purchased items they hadn’t initially planned

What is it?

Using XR, you can create impactful product launches with engaging content that is rapidly shareable across multiple channels. It can establish and maximise product awareness and reach. It is delivered by the brand through interactive and product-specific virtual experiences to kindle the curiosity of the audience.

Blend Media

How can it be used?

Brands can incorporate product-specific experiences such as stories, content, teasers and games, into channels that their audience is already using, enabling them to get involved with the product at a deeper level. This often means providing access to exclusive content or giving the audience the opportunity to create their own branded content, like the necklace filter for The Streets album launch.

Immersive experiences can enhance product launches across a range of industries including entertainment, retail, fashion, travel and tourism and hospitality, and can be accessed anywhere including at home, in-stores or as part of a physical event like Burberry’s pop-up to launch the new Olympia Bag.

Create sharable content
The Streets brought Mike Skinner’s album artwork to life through an AR filter for a neck chain which fans can virtually try-on.
Unwrap new products
Ralph Lauren offered their customers a highly festive Christmas themed immersive experience, for a product launch during the holiday season. Developed by ARfected
Dance with holograms
LADBible created an accessible-at-home AR powered dance video of KSI and Craig David. Developed by Beem

Who is using it?

Brands have adopted XR in markets ranging from everyday essentials to premium and luxury goods to engage customers by giving them something exclusive.

Blend Media


Through engaging and shareable content brands can widen their reach and establish an expansive presence with ease.

Novel experiences
An exciting and memorable way to create product buzz.
Expanded reach
Leverage virtual engagement on social media to extend beyond the existing customer base.
Product exploration
Enhanced product involvement with 3D models and information overlay.

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