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Soft skills training

40% training time reduction
Immersive teaching techniques reduces the time spent in training by up to 40%
27% more confident
With VR training learners are 27% more confident to act on what they have learned
4x more focus
Trainee are 4x more focused with immersive learning when compared to conventional methods
40% higher completion rate
Completion rates of trainings and courses are 30-40% on XR powered mediums

What is it?

Back in 2015, Immersive advocate and artist Chris Milk took to a TedX stage and described Virtual Reality (VR) as the ultimate empathy machine. The ability to virtually put yourself in someone else’s shoes is one of the big USP’s that VR offers and has been used by many industries to help build empathy. Fast forward to 2021 and we are now seeing VR find its home in the workplace helping employees improve their soft skills, grow their emotional intelligence (EQ), an important skill for the modern workforce.

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How can it be used?

VR is highly effective in driving behavioural change and allows users to hone their emotional intelligence in a safe, test environment. Many businesses are now using VR to adapt their culture and bring about positive change. Employees undertake the training wearing a VR headset where they can ‘embody’ different people, thus building their understanding of their co-workers’, customers’ and/or clients’ perspectives and building empathy for their problems.

Soft skills training might cover a number of areas from practising terminating someone’s employment through to gender and inclusion training and everything in between. This includes techniques for having difficult conversations and building resilience.

Employability training
A cohort of Colleges and Academies in the UK developed a VR experience to equip students with soft skills that would help them succeed in their careers. Developed by Bodyswaps
Building empathy
Western State Hospital used VR to train new team members, allowing them to experience the life of a mental health patient first-hand. Developed by CM&D
Gender inclusion
Bodyswaps is one of the leading VR companies building VR soft skills training modules, which include Gender Inclusion, Understanding Conflict & Active Listening.

Who is using it?

Organisations across the board have adopted VR as the most effective method of supporting their workforce in honing their emotional intelligence.

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There are a number of benefits to improving our soft skills which apply to a multitude of industries and business functions.

Build empathy
Experiencing someone else’s perspective of a situation helps to build empathy.
Scale and adapt
Cost-effective and scalable, create the experience once and roll it out the workforce at scale.
Personalise scenarios
Highly realistic experience that can be personalised to different businesses.

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