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Virtual tour

+130% hotel bookings
Customers are 130% more likely to book a room when offered a virtual tour
59% drive to site
59% of customers visit a business within the same day of their Google search when offered a 360° tour
67% want a virtual tour
67% of people want more businesses to offer virtual tours
2 week decision time
Customers using a virtual tour in their home search spent an average of 2 weeks on the process compared to 7 weeks

What is it?

Virtual tours can bring locations to life and provide an immersive experience that offers the feeling of being present and taking a stroll (or even flying!) through environments that are both realistic and conceptual.

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How can it be used?

Through 360° video content, AR applications and virtual reality headsets, virtual tours have the power to transport you to new and remote environments, often with informational content overlaid onto the physical worlds. It is an impactful way to showcase currently existing environments or intricately created ones for a dive into the past or to envision the future (think property development). 

Virtual tours can be leveraged to enhance businesses, for example by providing remote viewings of hotels in exotic destinations, as well as an effective means to provide route maps and guides to cities or large venues. They can also be used for an immersive education experience to teach about natural environments or historical sites around the world, like the migration on the Serengeti or a 360° view of the Pyramids of Giza.

Development visualisation
A fly through of a proposed office development to support planning approvals and unit sales. Developed by Neutral Digital
Augmented history lesson
AR enabled History tour of Zagreb to enhance visits to the city and provide rich historical context. Developed by VR Pole
Wonder the world
Journey to China to walk along the Great Wall, take in the 360˚ views in full 12K resolution.

Who is using it?

You can visit Colombia for a coffee-tasting experience, take a stroll through a potential new home or learn about Ancient Rome, as you’re walking through present-day Rome.

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A novel way to discover all corners of the world from an office building in development to an ancient civilization.

Access remote locations
Instantly transports users to remote environments, properties and cities.
Visualise concepts
An efficient means to visualise and understand environments providing a sense of aspect and scale.
Enhance the physical
Overlays information onto existing locations or events for way finding or education.

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