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Virtual try-on

94% higher conversion
The conversion rate with AR content is 94% higher than products without
50% reduced time to buy
Time to make buying decisions reduced by 50% using AR
70% awareness increase
Brand awareness can increase by up to 70% through the use of AR
71% would prefer AR
71% of shoppers would prefer to go to stores with a “try-before-you-buy” AR experience

What is it?

Virtual try-on (VTO) allows you to ‘virtually’ try on items of clothing, accessories and shoes. The technology uses camera-equipped devices such as mobile phones, tablets or smart mirrors to digitally place the items on your person so you can view what they look like on you.

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How can it be used?

It has a number of different uses for fashion and beauty brands, allowing customers to view and try on digital products, and have fun with experimentation. 

VTO technology can be accessed via lens and effects on social platforms such as Snap, Instagram or TikTok, or via a brand’s own website or app. Beauty brands are increasingly adopting Augmented Reality (AR) technology as they move away from physical product testing and VTO is being used by many as a way to allow customers to try on products ranging from foundations to lipsticks to hair dyes. 

Fan engagement
Florida Gators enabled fans to virtually try-on team shirts, throw the football and share their experience on Instagram.
Product launch
For the launch of its new album, The Streets created a social filter to allow fans to try on the branded album artwork which was a gold necklace.
Beauty tutorial
Gucci Beauty’s Eyes-o-Matic shows what your eyes will look like with its fabulous new mascara. Developed by CSV Studio

Who is using it?

As with all extended reality (XR) solutions, virtual try-on is all about the brand experience for the consumer, allowing them to be more connected to the product which is likely to increase buyer confidence and help build long-term brand loyalty.

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3D product configurations mean that customers can play around with colours and textures to personalize their products, benefits of virtual try-on include:

Accelerated buying cycle
The buying cycle is quicker as it often cuts out the need for physical try on.
Improved decision making
Customers who are able to virtual try-on products are more likely to purchase.
Reduced returns
Product returns are also reduced as a customer has made an informed decision about the product.

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