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Immersive Storytelling for Brands on Halloween

Noor Anwar / a year ago

Halloween is a fast-growing sector, spreading its spooky excitement beyond just the United States.  It is being largely driven by millennials around the globe and so if that is your brand’s key demographic, it provides a perfect occasion to engage w…

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Creating a one-of-a-kind Immersive Experience

Simon Brooksbank / a year ago

We recently partnered with M Booth to create the content for an interactive experience for The Macallan. The final project included a 20ftx20ft projected cube, 4D multi-sensory VR experience in New York’s Grand Central Station, enabling visitors to …

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Introducing Our New 360 Content Collections

Noor Anwar / a year ago

As immersive content and the technology driving it develops, we strive to bring you the best 360 content from around the world at prices that everyone can afford. We’ve built the world’s largest library of premium 360 videos and photos created by o…

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IVRPA Tokyo 2018 | Blend Media

Simon Brooksbank / a year ago

Tokyo is right up there as one of my favourite cities in the world. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited twice already and so when it was announced that the 2018 IVRPA conference was going to be held there, I was already packing! The IVRPA is the…


Road Safety: How Can Virtual Reality Save Lives? | Ble…

James King-Thompson / a year ago

This post will look into the fundamental importance of road safety and how 360 VR has been used as a new innovative solution to educate people about driving safely. Last year there were 176,500 road accident casualties, of all severities, according …

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360 Video Creator Voices: AirPano | Blend Media

Julianne Rooney / a year ago

In this episode of 360 Video Creator Voices we interviewed Blend creator and new partners, AirPano. AirPano are based in Russia and specialise in high-resolution, 360-degree aerial footage. Find out more about the partnership here. Watch the 360 vi…


All-Round Success: Here’s How Brands Use 360º Video to…

Damian Collier / a year ago

The average consumer is exposed to around 5,000 ads per day, making it harder than ever before for advertisers to achieve cut through with traditional advertising formats, such as still imagery and standard 2D video. Advertisers, brands and online p…