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Our team of experts are experienced in delivering Extended Reality (XR) projects across all industries, roles and technologies, put simply we deliver your XR ambitions.

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We believe XR has the ability to deliver powerful results across all industries, providing inspiring creative outcomes to existing and emerging challenges. From retail to education, construction to pharmaceutical, discover how your industry is using XR.

We support all roles

We have seen all departments and functions enjoy the benefits of XR, leveraging its power to gain competitive advantage, empower the workforce and improve performance. From Marketing to Human Resources, Health and Safety to Research and Development, discover how you could use XR in your role.

We know immersive technology

We are at the forefront of immersive technologies, techniques and creators, and know what it takes to deliver an XR project. From Augmented Reality (AR) filters to bespoke Virtual Reality (VR) environments and 3D models, to ready-to-use 360 video content, learn more about the technology and what it can do.

What our clients say about us

Blend Media

We’ve worked with some of the biggest and brightest brands and businesses, understanding their needs and helping find the fight XR solution.

Paul Myers
Creative Manager, Disney

“We worked with Blend to bring a special Mickey Mouse project to life.

They were fantastic in developing a bespoke version of their 360 hotspot technology to make our project do exactly as we wanted it to.

Their technical guidance and support were top notch.”

Jo Richardson
FRAS, Space Detectives

"The process of submitting and completing the project on Blend Media was very easy; I would recommend Blend Media and Cindy (the creator)! It enabled me to solve the business issue I was faced with in an easy to access way."

Gail Cohen
Assistant Vice President of Business Development at L’Oréal Matrix

"Using 360 is a great way to create excitement and interest in our brand, and has allowed us to fully convey our Salon Emotion program."

Trenton Holland
Deloitte Tax, LLP

"We’ve had a great experience collaborating with the Blend Media team for our 360 VR content. 

Blend Media’s marketplace has been a fantastic tool to leverage crowdsourced footage and third-party filmmakers."

Jim Downing
CEO, Metail

"Working with Blend Media, the brief submission and vendor selection process was amazingly rapid. I posted the project on Thursday morning, had nine offers with estimates within 24 hrs, selected a vendor by close on Friday and the creator started work on Monday. I would work with Blend and the creator again."

Geordana Roberts
Marketing Manager, Bill Kenwright Limited

"We are thrilled to be working with Blend Media on the creation of new digital assets for musicals and movies. Blend has provided a comprehensive choice of best-in-field creators via a seamless process, which empowered BKL to first learn what it needs to know, and then maximise the value of its investments."

Joe Williams
Head of Immersive, LADbible Group

"As a result of working with Blend Media, we co-created highly customized content that aligns with our branding and style requirements – and at a lower cost than we could before."


Gemma Considine
Director, English Assessment Marketing, Pearson

"I have really enjoyed working with Blend Media’s creator Paula (she’s so quick!) so we are looking forward to seeing how this is used and exploring additional projects in future."

Anthony Van Graan
International Recruitment Director, Udus AG

"The Blend Media team has been very helpful with advice, guidance and suggestions as we were finding our feet which I am very grateful for. Blend Media should be on the radar of anyone doing work in VR."

Blend Media

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