Who are Blend Media?
Over the last seven years we have built the world’s largest library of premium 360° video clips and images created by our growing global network of expert 360° video creators . Our customers are some of the world’s largest brands, corporations and publishers who license the content for use in advertising, promotional and marketing campaigns across social media, online, virtual reality headsets and WebVR as well as for education, healthcare, corporate events, exhibitions and experiential activations.
Whatever the end use by the customer, through licensing content, we enable our creators to make money from their existing 360˚ video clips, photos and VR content and also generate new income for them through commissions for new content.

Why should I work with Blend Media?
We are proactive in licensing content and due to our experience in the short form video space we have established excellent relationships with some of the biggest brands, agencies and publishers worldwide including Google, Samsung, Sony, T-mobile, Facebook, Coca-Cola, NASA, The Macallan, L’Oréal, Deloitte, P&G, McCann and LADBible who have a monthly reach of over 5 billion.
We make sure that your copyright is respected and protected and work hard to combat and monetise, where possible, infringing copies. You can feel confident and reassured that your content and your reputation will be well looked after.

What is Blend Market?
The world of immersive media is evolving and growing incredibly very quickly and as a result the industry is fragmented, often making it difficult for both customers and creators to navigate and find each other. Blend Market was built to solve that problem.
Blend Market launched in October 2019 and is currently in Beta. In its simplest form it’s a platform that enables customers looking to create immersive projects find creators that can create and deliver them and in turn, for creators to find customers and build their commercial network.
Our marketplace covers all areas and formats of immersive media including the creation of AR Filters and Apps, VR, Virtual Tours, 360 and 180 video and images production, 3D, Motion Graphics and CGI, to be commissioned by customers for advertising, marketing, retail, sponsorships, corporate events and expos, training, education, recruitment to name just a few of the sectors of industry that are actively exploring these for formats and engaging with them commercially.
If you are a creator of ANY format that falls into what we refer to as the immersive, augmented, mixed or extended reality spaces then we’d urge you to join out marketplace, build your portfolio and open up your services to a global customer base, eager to find creators like you to bring their projects to life. Click here for more information.
Similarly, if you are a customer looking to create a project and need to find a skilled creator to make it happen, you can find that person, team or company by signing up to Blend Market and completing a brief for you project. For more information click here.

How does Blend Media promote your content?
We are experienced content licensing experts, busy finding and responding to opportunities to license content from our creators to our customers.
We also delivering marketing across multiple channels including social media, events and media relations. Our goal is to continuing to raise awareness of the Blend Media creators and their brilliant work.
Our team also manages Facebook’s largest 360˚ video channel which has over 769k followers and counting! Every day we are promoting our creators’ content on Facebook and including a shout out to each creator and linking back to their work on our platform to encourage license opportunities.
We know that your name and brand is important to you so we try to always ensure that our creators receive the credit for the great work that you produce.

How do I apply to join the Blend Creator Network?
You can apply to join the Blend Creator Network by starting the application process at
We will ask a few questions about you and for a sample of your work – you can provide either a URL or a link to cloud storage. One of the members of our Creator Partnerships team will get back to you confirming whether your application has been successful.
Please note our creator community represents the very best in 360˚ content, so we will check the quality and technical specs to make sure it’s up to the industry standard. Once accepted into our network, you will be able to upload as many videos as you wish.
In terms of quality and technical specs videos must be a minimum of 4k, with no visible stitching lines or nadir, camerawork must be stable and with good and balanced lighting.
Our Creator Partnerships team are also very happy to guide you to ensure that what you shoot has the best possible commercial value.

How does Blend Media license your content?
We have 2 licensing models for licensing content:
Rights Managed (RM) where the license fee is calculated based on the rights (or use) required by the licensees/customers, who purchase a one-time fee to use the video or videos for a particular use in a geographic region, on a specific media, and for a specified period of time.
Royalty Free (RF) where the price for the clip is set at one fixed price and the customer can use that clip for whatever project they like, as often as they like and for as long as they like. Prices will vary for each clip depending on the resolution of the clip so for example an 8K file will have a higher prices than a 4K file.

What is the revenue share?
Under an exclusive representation arrangement the revenue share for Creators is 50%
Under a non-exclusive arrangement the revenue share for Creators is 30%

Why does Blend Media prefer an exclusive arrangement?
We work with major global brands and agencies who often want to take exclusive licenses on content that they use in order to protect their brand – and pay a premium for that right. These licences command higher fees for our creators than non-exclusive licences. If a creator’s content is on our platform non-exclusively, we cannot offer an exclusive licence as we cannot guarantee that another brand has licensed that content from another agency.

Does Blend Media offer a non-exclusive agreement?
Yes, we do but all content submitted under a non-exclusive contract can only be sold under the Royalty Free licensing model.

How do I get paid?
We pay our creators by bank transfer.

When will I get paid?
We pay our creators every 45 days after the end of each calendar month if the total is above $100. Our priority is to always pay you on time.