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5 AR Experiences From the Drinks Industry

/ about 2 months ago
To enjoy (responsibly) at home, in a park, or in the pub

Immersive digital experiences can be easily accessed by scanning a QR code to open up a branded world, tell a brand story, or bring packaging to life. Augmented Reality (AR) has so many great applications in the packaging and consumer goods space, here’s how audiences are using it...

  • AR Adoption is tracking with the mobile usage boom - by 2025 nearly 75% of the global population and almost all smartphone users will be frequent AR users
  • 73% of people successfully identify AR when they see it
  • AR is generally seen as a ‘toy’ but 76% of people expect and desire to use AR as a practical ‘tool’
  • More than 200m people engage with AR on Snapchat every day
  • 65% of AR consumers around the world and across generations use AR to have fun

Source: Snap & Deloitte Digital Consumer AR Global Report

The below five experiences are fantastic examples of how brands can use AR to engage consumers and drive brand awareness through experiential marketing campaigns...

1. Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire brought its packaging to life for users to provide exclusive video content and cocktail making tutorials. By using the bottleneck label as the activation point consumers were able to scan the label to reveal an immersive animation, representing the essence and character of Bombay Sapphire in augmented reality.

2. Michelob

Michelob created a Web AR portal experience to take consumers to the beautiful Yosemite landscape complete with a flowing waterfall, campfire, park bench and ice-cold pack of Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold.

3. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniels has rolled out an AR app that takes consumers on a virtual journey of the Jack Daniel Distillery through a series of pop-up book style dioramas with more than 10 minutes of content providing an engaging experience rich with stories and visuals in a way that’s uniquely Jack.

Once consumers download the app, they can point their phones at any Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey bottle to uncover the animations, voice-overs, and all the stories that make the more than 150-year old brand so special, from the Cave Spring water to the distilling process, to name a few

4. Diageo

Diageo launched an AR Instagram filter named "The Balance Challenge", designed to encourage individuals to swap an alcoholic drink with water and raise money for international charity WaterAid in the process. The challenge showcases the importance of balance, allowing users to balance virtual water vessels on some unusual parts of their bodies by matching a series of on-screen poses.

5. The Macallan

The Macallan Estate took brand storytelling to the next level with the creation of The Macallan Distillery 360 Experience. The brand commissioned four 360 films covering the new distillery, the architecture, prestige brands and untold stories of The Macallan Estate that were then used as part of a 4D experience within a custom-made 15x15 foot cube at an immersive event at Grand Central Station in NYC, giving commuters the chance to ‘visit’ the distillery and sample drams of The Macallan in Virtual Reality (VR).

The films were also reversioned into other languages and rolled out globally in Singapore, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Paris, Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Russia. The experience was also available on mobile phones or desktops, through social media, or at select wine and liquor retail stores, bars and restaurants using a VR headset. Try the experience.

At Blend Media, we deliver immersive projects just like these (in fact we did) and have a team of experts that can help advise and guide on creating all of the above mentioned immersive experiences, and more. So let’s talk about immersive content and the latest applications in your industry, contact us or book a call.