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5 Ways the Music Industry is Using Augmented Reality (AR)

/ about 1 month ago

Whether an artist wants to celebrate an album launch, reaching a major milestone, or wants to engage with their fans in a more interactive way, AR is an incredibly powerful creative technique. And the music industry is leading the way, here's 5 ways the music industry is using AR.

1. Bringing Album Artwork to Life

To support the launch of Mike Skinner’s new mixtape DIFFICULT TIMES, the client worked with Blend Market to connect with an AR creator and bring to life the key artwork from the album to drive fan engagement, find out more in our project spotlight.

2. Transport Fans into the Music Video

On her Instagram profile, Kylie hosted an experience called ‘Disco Spirit’ for one hour only. It was an AR performance of the ‘Real Groove’ track from her latest album, blending motion capture and virtual effects, created by a top Blend Market creator using its Spark AR tools.

3. Celebrate an anniversary of an album

Chrissy Gow, a creator on Blend Market, shares how "the AC/DC Highway to Hell 40th Anniversary campaign was our first big music campaign – it was awesome to create a lens and filter for such an iconic album". Read more about Chrissy's project highlights in her creator profile.

4. Photo Opp With an Artist Themed Face Filter

Proving that there is an AR filter for all fans, Slipknot beckon fans to "Wear the Mask," with face filter versions of the nine masks worn by Slipknot members on stage, all available in the AR experience. In addition, the effect plays the band's single, "Unsainted," in the background, a clever addition by Blend Market creator and ambassador Marc Wakefield, see more of Marc's work here


5. Gamified, shareable, experiences

Drawing inspiration from the “Stack It Up” video set in an amusement arcade, teams from Facebook Creative Shop and AR developer Aug It! along with our creator Marc Wakefield, created a pinball-themed interactive game, using “Stack It Up” as its soundtrack. Nominated for a Drum Digital Industries award.

Blend Market’s global network of highly-skilled creators have delivered AR experiences for the world’s leading record labels. To find out how you can use Blend Market to get access to highly skilled creators Talk to Us or Upload your Brief for free.