Do try this at home… in VR.

From Icarus and Daedalus of Greek mythology humankind has obsessed about flight. Leonardo da Vinci studied it and drafted hundreds of drawings, the Montgolfier brothers sent animals and then men up in their hot air balloons in 1793, the Wright brothers nailed it in 1905 and the rest as they say, is history. Now despite all the technological advancements made since then, including the commercialisation of space flight, some humans are going back to basics, or even Greek mythology with Wingsuit flying.

Photo © Swiss Helicopters

Believe it or not the first person to make a wingsuit flight was an American called Rex G. Finney in 1930. Over the years since then, the sport has been evolving, mostly around the designs of the suits and ways to make it safer. It’s clearly a very dangerous sport, said to be around 200 times more dangerous that skydiving and more so when the flight is what’s called a ‘proximity’ flight, where the pilot flies and high speed, dangerously close to terrain, trees or other objects or in the case of Anton ‘Squeezer’ Andersson, through a 2 metre cave…

Thankfully Anton has managed to film many of his most epic wingsuit flights in 360 and they’re available for license on Blend Media – so now you can literally try this at home, or anywhere really.

© Nicole Shafer @ NS Photography

So Anton, have you always been an adrenaline junkie or were you dropped on your head as a baby? Surely, I was dropped multiple times on different ways. Got a large rock in my head, fell down stairs, rooftops you name it. However, I was not the worst adrenaline kid but I liked sports a lot. I did all different extreme sports as a kid but it was not until I got bored of ice hockey, I found my way to skydiving. 

What was it like, making your first wingsuit jump? I had done all the necessary training so doing my first skydive from a place with a wingsuit was not that scary. It was a lot of fun and I was lucky having a very good instructor. I landed safely and had the biggest grin on my face. Picking a small suit for my first wingsuit jumps was the best I could ever do.  

© Nicole Shafer @ NS Photography

How do you know or work out where to jump from? There is different ways. But GPS on the phone for hiking and and a laser to be sure about the height of the cliffs helps a lot. Often, we jump the same jump many times in a row. That’s how we can get so close to the ground. We also have a certain GPS device that logs our flights so we can analyse the flying in depth. 

What are your favourite or most spectacular wingsuit flights? Aiguille du Midi

And here would you most like to take a flight that you haven’t already? China, Jiangsu

© Nicole Shafer @ NS Photography

You have some awesome clips on Blend Media – which is your favourite? This flight (below) is insane and also how we are jumping from two different points gathering into one above the glacier is just amazing!

Click here to see Anton’s full collection on Blend and if you would like to license any clips from the Blend platform then please get in touch with us at: licensing@blend.mediaClick here to see Anton’s full collection on Blend and if you would like to license any clips from the Blend platform then please get in touch with us at: