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Project Spotlight: AR Filter for Theatre Production

/ 3 months ago

Bill Kenwright Ltd (BKL) wanted to develop Augmented Reality (AR) assets for a selection of its theatre productions to engage a young demographic on social platforms. It was the first time the marketing team at BKL had created AR marketing assets and they required support in getting started.

Chrissy Gow, founder AccessAR: "The Blend team does a great job connecting creators with clients. The platform is easy to use and support is readily available whenever it is required."

Blend matched BKL with AR experts AccessAR who were able to deliver on the required social assets from conception to implementation. Using its knowledge of social trends, AccessAR worked closely with BKL to identify the best creative route which would engage and excite the target audience group on Instagram.

Steve Potts, Commercial Director, Bill Kenwright Limited: “Blend has provided a comprehensive choice of best-in-field creators via a seamless process, which has empowered BKL to first learn what it needs to know, and then maximise the value of its investments”.

AccessAR created an Instagram filter where users could determine which Heathers’ song they were. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic and the closure of theatres, the assets were only used briefly but BKL hopes to reuse the assets in the coming year and is committed to adding AR marketing to its plans going forward.

Try the Instagram experience here, via a mobile device

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