360 Stories Workshops at BBC School Report’s Digital Cities, Cardiff, 2018

“360 Stories also gives you access to Blend Media’s fantastic library of 14,000 premium 360 videos”

Working in groups, it was great to see the children dive straight in and use their imaginations to create their first 360 interactive experiences. From here, two distinct creative themes appeared: science and travel.

“The platform offers a new way to gamify education and washes away the sometimes monotonous nature of learning”

From a professional perspective, you could easily see how this platform could help students study and create new ways for homework to be completed. The tool also offers a new way to gamify education and adds a very exciting dynamic to the learning process.

Thank you to all the BBC team at Digital Cities for inviting me to be apart of such a great initiative. I will certainly look forward to being apart of the team next year. I would also like to thank our good friends Lorna and Glenn at Orchard for their help and assistance on the day.  

Finally, I’d like to wish all the students I met during the day the best of luck for their futures. It was great working with you all. I know that having seen your passion and eagerness to learn, you will all go far!