The Benefits of 360 VR in Dentistry: Training | Blend Media

From pain relief and medical training to phobias and psychological trauma treatment, there are a wide range of fantastic uses for 360 VR in medicine. Something that we haven’t yet shed much light on are the amazing benefits of 360 VR in dentistry.

The dental market is growing significantly each year and according to Statista, it is estimated to be worth $36.8 billion in 2021. This development is synonymous with the the global augmented reality & virtual reality in healthcare market, which according to Grand View Research, Inc., is estimated to be worth $5.1 billion by 2025. Therefore, there is no doubt that the early adopters within the dental sector will be using 360 VR more and more.

Read on to discover more about the benefits of 360 VR in dentistry.


Aside from pain and anxiety relief in dentistry, another one of the benefits of 360 VR in dentistry is training.

Thanks to 360 VR, dentistry students are able to step into virtual dentist surgeries and practice performing a range of highly skilled dental procedures. This training is cost-effective and the closest the student is going to get to actually performing a filling or a root canal on a patient.

When actually performing a dental procedure on someone there is no room for error. However, students or trainees have room to make and learn from their mistakes in virtual reality. They are also able to receive instant feedback from fully-qualified dental professionals.

Watch an example VR dental training simulator below to get an idea of how it works.

As well as actually performing virtual dental procedures, trainees are able to virtually shadow dental procedures without the problems of blocked sightedness and blind spots. This tends to be a problem in the majority of dental surgeries or operating theatre environments when inhabited by nurses and assistants. Thanks to 360 VR, students and trainees now have a powerful educational tool to use in their own time.

We very much look forward to seeing how the benefits of 360 VR in dentistry develops.