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This month we selected three of the best 360 video campaigns used in the travel sector. We look at the different techniques used in these campaigns to increase online engagement and reach across social media networks.

360 Video Campaign 1:

How Far, Australia

Brand: Expedia

First on our list is Expedia‘s ‘How Far, Australia’ 360 VR experience which was released on June 16th 2016 in partnership with Tourism Australia. This 360 video campaign has so far accumulated 3,521,383 views on YouTube, 851 likes and 93 comments.

Throughout this 360 video campaign we travel to various locations around Australia. Each of these places are clearly made known to us by 2D text overlays with the location coordinates. A deep emotive poem, read by actor Jonathan Oldham, also supports the wanderlust-driven narrative.

At the beginning we soar over the sunset lit Three Capes Track’s rocky clifftops with the use of a 360 video camera attached to a drone. In the second scene we are taken to Karratha Station’s arid landscape where we join two people taking photos of kangaroos hopping in front of us. From here we float over a spectacular coastline thanks to another 360 video camera attached to a drone; in one direction we notice the waves splashing up over the rocks, in another, two surfers seeking out there next adrenaline fix.

After this, we throw on our diving gear and are submerged under water at Ningaloo Reef. As we explore the reef with a couple of divers we come face to face with some of friendly Whale Sharks. Finally, at night, we land in the Outback where we are greeted by Aborigines chanting and dancing around campfires. Don’t forget to look up and enjoy the stars!

Not only has this 360 video campaign received over 3.5 million views it has received some incredibly positive comments that demonstrate the effectiveness of the 360 VR medium. One viewer comments, ‘I normally don’t watch ads, but this one is so cool, and it’s actually my fav ad’, while another says that he thinks he’s ‘watched this video so far like 5 times its just too good’.

I believe that the impressive view count and positive reactions to this VR experience are primarily down to the incredible 360 video content captured on land, in the air and underwater. The 360 environment also offers us a new and personal experience each time we hit ‘play’. It’s almost impossible to catch everything the first time round – you’ll probably miss something – so this encourages us to enter the experience again and again so we can look around and catch the details we may have missed.

360 Video Campaign 2:

Travel to Dubai in 360

Brand: Visit Dubai

The second addition to our ‘Best 360 Video Campaigns’ list is Visit Dubai‘s ‘Travel to Dubai in 360’ immersive experience, which received over 21 million views, 17 thousand likes and 639 comments.

This 360 video campaign takes us on an action-packed day around the buzzing city of Dubai in the summer. In a similar way to Expedia’s 360 video campaign, 2D text overlays appears in each new scene, marking the time of day and the location.

Our day starts at 6am in Dubai international airport. The 360 video camera is strategically placed, offering us an elevated view of the airport just as the sun is starting to poke it’s head above the horizon. This short scene also does well at demonstrating the effectiveness of hyperlapse 360 video capture.

At 8am we travel on the overground metro. Two hours later we arrive at Aquaventure waterpark; if you look down you can see someone shooting down one of the slides. At 12pm we are taken to Dubai Aquarium; the 360 video underwater camera is placed in one of the tanks, surrounding us with fish.

When the clock strikes one, we’re taken to the top of the seven-star luxury hotel, Burj Al Arab. After having a quick look around from a birds-eye-view, we get the chance to have a little float around in a hot air-balloon.

At 3pm we jump on a boat at the Madinat Jumeirah luxury resort, before kicking back in Amara Spa at 4pm. Two hours later, we enjoy the explosive Dubai Fountain, before hurtling towards the ground in our wingsuit…why not!

Come 8pm, the adrenaline’s finished coursing through our veins, and it’s time to round off the day at Emirates Golf Club, before swinging on over to Dubai Marina for bite to eat at 9pm. The closing scene is a particularly impressive nightime hyperlapse over the city.

360 Video Campaign 3:

Permitted on Board

Brand: Scoot

On December 13th 2017, Scoot launched their 360 video campaign to showcase their Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The immersive VR experience was created by Untitled Project and has also been activated in nine countries across the Asia Pacific.

What is particularly unique about this travel marketing campaign is that it adds 3D animations in post-production to real footage captured using a 360 video camera.

We are taken on a private tour of the aircraft by our animated air hostess, who greets us: ‘Welcome aboard Scoot. We’re a low fare, high fun airline’.

As we are taken on a tour through the different plane zones – ‘Scoot Economy’, ‘ScootBiz’ and ‘ScootinSilence’ – we bump into a variety of smiley animated characters who are shown to be having a fantastic time aboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. As we have the freedom to look around in true 360 degree video fashion, we also learn about the fantastic perks customers receive onboard.

The 360 video environment, 3D animations and playful yet informative narrative combined, offer customers a new and innovative way to explore and learn about the aircraft before boarding. Aircraft tours and information packs tend to be monotonous and struggle to give us a true flavour of what to expect from an airline, however Scoot solves this problem with their new immersive initiative.

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