Blend Market – A Guide to Posting Your First Project

Blend Market helps you find immersive creators and developers for your Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, or Extended Reality projects. If you are new to immersive or just need to hire someone for your project, we’ve made it easy for you to hire the best talent plus save you money through a competitive hiring process, supported by expert guidance.

We offer self-serve and managed services. If you need help getting started, or want to discuss your project before posting on the platform we are on hand to help and guide you through the process. You can contact us at or book in a 15-minute appointment to chat

Ready to get started? Here are our 5 easy steps to posting your immersive project on Blend Market.

Step 1: Give your project a title. Make it concise and attractive.

Step 2: Describe your project. Tell us who you are, what the project is, and what you are looking to achieve as the end result.

Step 3: Select the skills required. If you don’t know the skills required or need help we are always on hand to advise.

Step 4: Add your budget and deadline. If you don’t know the budget you can give a ballpark or keep it competitive and invite creators to bid.

Step 5: Submit your brief. It’s as simple as that! If you don’t have all the information to hand and you are logged in you can hit ‘Save for later’ and come back to the project at any time.

What happens next?

– Talent with matching skills will be notified about your project and will contact you using our own messaging platform.

– Review creator portfolios, see examples of their work and chat more about the project.

– Share NDA’s, statements of work, or any other assets via the platform.

– Creators submit offers through the platform and once you have decided who to hire, you can accept.

– Funds for the project are held until after the job (or milestone) is completed and then released to the creator on completion of the job.

If you would like to find out more about Blend Market or discuss a potential project, we are happy to help. You can book some time to chat with one of the team here or contact us at