Blend Media Buddies up to Drive 360˚ Content in Asia | Blend Media

This partnership makes sense with the ubiquity of mobile phones developing in the area, and HTC making bold plans as well. Blend, one of my fav companiesone of my fav companies, enters a partnership with Visual China Group (VCG) to grow the distributor’s library and enable it to meet the demand for 360˚ content in Asia.

VCG will gain access to over fifteen thousand 360˚ videos 360˚ videos from the largest catalogue of 360˚ content in the world, licensed from Blend Media’s global network of over 500 professional creators.

The new deal represents VCG’s significant move into the immersive content space, offering that content to customers that include leading brands, marketing agencies and publishers.

Damian Collier, Founder and CEO at Blend Media, states: “The Asian market represents some of the highest rates of VR headset ownership in the world but compelling content for these devices is still not widely available in the region. 360˚ content that can be viewed on VR headsets, the web and through popular social media channels tailored to the market, provides enormous potential for publishers and brands to reach an untapped audience. We are excited to combine the huge distribution reach of VCGwith our extensive library in order to meet this growing appetite.”

Deric Jin, Director of Product & Partner Relations, Visual China Group added: “We are constantly looking to enhance our library with new, emerging and innovative types of content. We are finding more and more customers are looking to use 360˚ content as consumer popularity is growing. Blend Media’s comprehensive library from experienced creators, as well as its extensive experience in the space, made them the perfect choice of partner.”

This article was originally published by Virtual Perceptions.This article was originally published by Virtual Perceptions.

This story also appeared in Photo Archive News.This story also appeared in Photo Archive News.