Creator Profile – Ant Hagan, Aug-it!

Ant Hagan heads up Aug-it!, an augmented reality app development team based in Liverpool’s creative district – the Baltic Triangle.

How did you get started creating AR experiences?

Before the influx of social media based AR experiences I designed AR for IOS & Android apps for AR games. I still currently have about 5 apps live in the AppStore. Our AR Chicken Catch game for London Wing Fest in 2018 was my first real AR win.

What are the challenges you face on a daily basis?

Which AR path to take and which areas of the AR industry to target. But I don’t think I am alone in this . AR has so much hype around it at the moment that it’s hard to wade through all of the nonsense, especially given that about 75% of AR video is just fake staged content with after effects added. It must be a nightmare for clients to navigate!!

What excites you most about AR and the industry?

Smart glasses . I can’t wait for this part of the industry to really kick in . And I am not talking about ridiculous headsets like Magic Leap! I am talking about stylish, slick smart glasses like North Focals. The smart glasses war won’t be won by processing power , it will be defined by fashion, design and youth culture. like most things are!

What piece of work are you most proud of?

The work we did on the new Sub-Urban record ‘Cradles’ for Warner Music . I think this is the closest we have gotten so far with bringing a music video to life with social media AR. We also managed to cross platform the project from Instagram to Snapchat which was a challenge in itself.

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