Deloitte Digital Virtual Recruitment & Onboarding  | Blend Media

Virtual Reality (VR) can greatly improve the recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective, and attracting a digitally-savvy candidate pool. The benefits of introducing extended reality (XR) experiences across the full HR spectrum is rapidly being understood and it is increasingly being introduced to support remote recruitment; gamification in recruitment; onboarding; and training. 

Deloitte Digital turned to Blend Media to support its onboarding and office orientation for new employees as well as those relocating to the London office that had, until recently, been working in its other global offices. Deloitte Digital works with clients to develop customer-centric organisations. With deep expertise in data, creative, technology, and strategy, can help you build the types of customer journeys that create new growth.

“Digital is all about mixing creativity and technology for business—to make our clients’ businesses better, to make our business better, and to make all business better for people, for real lives, for society. Which is something big, simple, and heartfelt that we can all get excited about and be proud of,”  Sam Roddick, Global Head of Deloitte Digital.


Deloitte Digital’s studios are where the magic happens. Bringing together creatives, techies, and consultants into vibrant workspaces fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation. And with studios in 30+ countries around the globe, the opportunity to work from a different office or region is entirely possible. 

Deloitte wanted to find a new way to welcome new and relocating employees from Deloitte’s international offices, allowing them to familiarise themselves with their new offices and their new co-workers


Deloitte used Blend Media to create an engaging and interactive 360 experience that enabled employees to feel confident and comfortable with their new offices.


Deloitte has discovered multiple uses for this content not only for workplace mobility but to be used as part of the onboarding of new employee’s as well as recruitment drives. Used at the Silicon Roundabout recruitment fair, as a point of difference, it demonstrated Deloitte’s use of innovative digital solutions for not only its clients but for itself. 

There was a noticeable uplift in attention at the stand, where above average numbers of potential graduates were engaged because of the tech.

If you’re a client and have an immersive project that you’d like to make a reality get started here; or if you’re a creator with immersive skills join our marketplace. For all questions or for more information please get in; or if you’re a creator with immersive skills join our marketplace. For all questions or for more information please get in touch.