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We’re proud to be a part of the immersive content ecosystem and to work with partners at the forefront of what this incredible creative technology can do.  One of our newest partners, Sense of Space, shares its thoughts on volumetric storytelling for content creators, the benefits of creating holograms, and just how easy it can be…

Volumetric video is a technology that captures real performances in 3D, resulting in holograms that are true to life and can be used in AR, VR, and virtual productions. This technology is the only one that allows us to bring real people and their authenticity to the virtual world, and it has come to stay.

“The most fascinating aspect about holograms is that it’s the next step for merging the real and the virtual worlds. With this technology, you can get things from the real world, like humans and animals, and put them in the virtual world exactly as they are, while also getting digital elements from the virtual world into the real one,” says Tuomo Paavilainen, Chief Technology Officer at Sense of Space.

“It’s a completely new way of bringing someone into the virtual world. It’s different from avatars, as avatars are not really us, while holograms are. When we use holograms, we don’t simulate people, we are people,” comments Victor Pardinho, founder and CEO.

Holograms bring new creative possibilities in entertainment, arts, medicine, sports, training, and many other fields, but the adoption of this technology is still somewhat challenging. Volumetric video capture can be very expensive, and post-production usually demands a very high degree of technical knowledge, making hologram content creation inaccessible to most creatives. Sense of Space and other companies are working hard to change that.

On the capture side, we have high-end studios such as Metastage creating a performance library with on-demand holograms available at accessible prices. Meanwhile, Volograms is betting on user-generated content and has just released Volu, which is the first app that allows anyone with a mobile device to capture people in AR. TetaVi is developing technology that allows high-end capture with fewer cameras and doesn’t require any special background to capture holograms, reducing costs significantly.

But while we see exciting developments in volumetric capture – the first step in the volumetric video content creation pipeline – we at Sense of Space have always focused on what comes next: post-production and distribution.

Since 2019, we’ve been building a volumetric video editing software that is made for creatives instead of technologists. With Sense XR, anyone can edit holograms just as they would edit a 2D video. Sense XR is the most intuitive editing software out there for those who want to create experiences that mix volumetric videos, 3D elements, and audio without coding or needing complex 3D manual work.

Here are six of the features that Sense XR brings to creatives:

Intuitive Editing And Familiar Workflows

Volumetric Video WebAR With A Push Of A Button

Excellent Compression And Optimization For Faster Loading And Lower Costs

The Only WebAR Player With Native Adaptive Streaming

SLAM Technology Running Directly In The Browser

WebAR Editor – Customize Experiences Directly In The Web

The new developments on the capture side and the recent release of Sense XR show that creating with holograms is becoming easier, cheaper, and more accessible overall. If a creative wants to experiment with the power of holograms today, Sense XR can be tried for free and it brings great quality sample demos from high-end capture studios that can be experimented with. From now on, everyone can be a hologram content creator.

For more information on the features that Sense XR brings to creatives click here and to discover offers, courses and workshops from our other partners see our Community Benefits.

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