How to Buy 360 Video Content with Blend Media

Established in 2016 after our CEO Damian Collier discovered his first 360 video on Facebook, Blend Media is now the world’s leading 360 video content provider to global customers. We offer over 48,000 minutes, surpassing our closest competitor by 14,000 minutes.

Popular genres include travel, nature, wildlife, auroras, underwater, aerials and action sports.

Our clients buy 360 video from us for a range of use cases including immersive location-based experiences, immersive education, classrooms and training, healthcare, wellness and therapeutic uses, corporate use in trade shows, conferences and events, experiential marketing and promotional events, retail point-of-sale experiences, product launches and many others. 

Our expansive 360 content is thanks to our network of 1,500+ immersive creators who trust us to showcase and represent their work, keeping us at the forefront of immersive media growth.

Licensing 360° content 101

When customers come to us looking to buy 360 video content they are able to licence both stock clips or ready-to-air produced films.

Stock clips tend to range from 30 seconds up to around 2-3 minutes and are curated into three different licence models:

Our top-tier video content, Premium Rights Managed (RM),Premium Rights Managed (RM), is carefully curated, focusing on unique subjects, camera angles, technical quality and refined production, including camera specifications, stitching quality, and rigging removal. 

All Rights Managed content is exclusive to Blend Media. Pricing is tailored and varies based on usage rights, location and duration.

In addition to RM, we have Royalty Free (RF) stock content that has a one (cheaper) price for unlimited, perpetual use so once a clip has been licensed it can be used as many times as the customer likes and for any project.

We offer two types of Royalty Free: Premium RF Premium RF and Standard RFStandard RF and both types can be licensed directly from our platform using a credit card.

Within our creator community, we exclusively represent top 360 filmmakers who not only shoot remarkable stock footage but also craft ready-to-use films. Highlights include:

AirPanoAirPano undisputed leaders in capturing aerial 360 footage, utilizing high-spec drones or helicopters in stunning global locations. With over 100 films in their collection, totaling nearly 600 minutes, they remove drones and helicopters to offer impeccable bird’s-eye views.

Wild ImmersionWild Immersion productions showcase incredible animal species in natural habitats across 40 countries, spanning frozen lands, oceans, Savannas, and the Amazon Rainforest, totaling 140 species.

Our ‘One Day in…’One Day in…‘ collection provides 360 virtual tours of 120+ global destinations, from major cities like Paris and Tokyo to boutique spots like the Greek Islands and Venice. These films range in duration between 4-10 minutes, are available with English voiceover or as music only versions (or both) and can be adapted into any language.

We also offer the largest and most incredible collection of Aurora BorealisAurora Borealis scenes in both time lapse and real time, captured by the talented (and well-insulated) Alaska-based William Briscoe.

If you would like to buy 360 video from Blend Media for your next project feel free to email or email Simon, our Chief Content Officer at

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