Immersive Community: Your Marketplace Needs You | Blend Media

As the adoption of Extended Reality (XR) grows, so too must our understanding of how it’s being used. We’re talking to clients and creators across all sectors to discuss what XR means to them, and how it can benefit their business. 

This is a shout out to our creator community, we’d love to chat with you about your experience of working in certain sectors, if you’d be willing to share your experience please email us.

And if you have sector-specific experience of working in XR solutions in the below industries there are loads of ways for you to get involved: we can profile your work; invite you to a collaboration group; and invite you to our vlog or blog series. If you’re interested, email us and let us know!




Travel & Tourism

Construction & Property


Professional services

As well as setting up these sector-specific groups, we are continuing to discover new use cases for XR, whether that be virtual try-on, soft-skills training or brand engagement and would love to be matching you to these projects as accurately as possible. So let us know if you’re strong in a particular sector or use case and make sure to populate your profile with your skills and experience – it’s the best way for our platform to match you to a brief! 

We also have our project referral scheme which allows creators to earn money from work they can’t take on, find out how to refer a project here

If you are interested in how your brand or business can create XR experiences and content to engage, excite and inform your consumers or employees, let’s talk contact us or book a us or book a call.

If you’re a creator with immersive skills, we’d love to have you join our marketplace.marketplace.