Where can immersive tech take us in 2021? | Blend Media

Where can immersive tech take us in 2021?

Clients and creators discuss what’s been achieved so far and what we can expect in 2021

Join us for a fireside chat to discuss the wide-ranging use cases of immersive technologies; from small initiatives to more complex projects, we discuss what’s possible, the business benefit, and the skills required. 

With insight and commentary from a highly respected guest panel of clients, creators and talent-hunters, there’s something for everyone as we consider the rise of XR content and where 2021 will take the industry.

Where can immersive tech take us in 2021?
Wednesday 25 November 2020
17:00 - 18:00 GMT
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Damian Collier, Blend Media’s CEO and Founder, reflects: “There’s no denying 2020 has increased the rate of digital transformation and the pandemic has forced us to find solutions to challenges that we hadn’t faced at such scale before. More than ever, we look for digital and virtual ways to engage, learn, work and play; immersing ourselves in experiences that can replicate or supplement physical interactions. Alongside significant investment into the space by technology giants such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and HTC, this has accelerated the adoption of immersive technologies by businesses and individuals. I look forward to discussing where immersive tech can take us in 2021 with the acclaimed guests joining me on this panel.”

Guests include:

Joanna Popper - Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location-Based Entertainment HP, XR Jobs Supporter

Karl Woolley, Global Real-Time Director, Framestore Immersive and IA

Jeremy Dalton, Head of VR/AR, PwC UK

Catherine D Henry, XR Consultant Enterprise, Media and Advertising

The event is hosted by Blend Market, the first immersive marketplace dedicated to connecting clients with a global community of thousands of skilled creators and solution-providers with hundreds of relevant skills across the entire Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 3D and Mixed Reality (MR) spectrum. Find out more about Blend Market here or contact us at hello@blend.media