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Jeremy Dalton: PWC's Exciting XR Initiatives

/ about 1 month ago

In our recent webinar, Where Can Immersive Tech Take Us In 2021, Damian Collier, Blend Media Founder and CEO, discusses the future of immersive tech with a panel of esteemed guests that include: Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location-Based Entertainment HP, XR Jobs Supporter; Karl Woolley, Global Real-Time Director, Framestore Immersive and IA; Jeremy Dalton, Head of XR, PwC UK; and Catherine D Henry, XR Consultant Enterprise, Media and Advertising.

In this excerpt, Jeremy shares with the panel what immersive tech initiatives he’s excited about, and how the advancement of the industry has improved roll-out and user experience, watch the full webinar here.

Jeremy Dalton, Head of XR, PwC UK: "We have just finished creating an experience around increasing awareness of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It is built in Virtual Reality (VR) but there'll be a desktop equivalent available as well to help it scale."

It was built using a combination of volumetric video, for the individuals in the narrative, combined with a computer-generated background all brought together in Unity so that was really quite technologically challenging because it had to be delivered on an oculus quest or standalone headsets. The challenge was to make sure that it was as engaging, immersive, and believable as possible but while retaining the ability to run really smoothly on standalone headsets, so that's been really exciting!

We're starting to push that out internally and it's a long way from where we were a few years ago, I remember using 360 video on a Gear VR and we delivered that exercise and this was about um putting yourself in the shoes of your coachee in PWC it was an internal initiative and we delivered that to 2800 people over the course of three days using gear VRs and Samsung Note 4's, that was an insanely difficult logistical exercise which required a hell of a lot of headset buffer; I think we had 200 headsets but we brought 250 and I think we maxed out on 250 because mobile phones were overheating some were dying in the middle some were crashing all sorts of issues but thankfully things have become far more reliable these days. 

The webinar is hosted by Blend Market, the first immersive marketplace dedicated to connecting clients with a global community of thousands of skilled creators and solution-providers with hundreds of relevant skills across the entire Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 3D and Mixed Reality (MR) spectrum. Find out more about Blend Market here or contact us at