Project Spotlight: Forever, King of Pop Hologram | Blend Media

SUMMUM Music is a Producer of Musical shows and Tour Promoter from Spain with several decades of experience in the entertainment industry. In 2010 they produced FOREVER, the best musical about THE KING OF POP. The show was a massive success,  and since then it has been touring Europe and Latin America selling out in the main theatres. FOREVER King of Pop is the only musical show endorsed by three members of the Jackson family and it has enabled audiences from around the globe to re-live the most magical moments of Michael Jackson’s hits with a top quality cast of 24 performers on the stage.


After two years of silence in theatres and music venues due to the pandemic, a new challenge arose for most producers and promoters from around the world: How do I offer something new and with a wow factor to my customers? And, how do I deliver in an innovative way my message so they come to the show?

Summum Music came to us with this new challenge. For a six week period in May 2022, they would be performing at Teatro Coliseo in Barcelona for first time in a while. They wanted to create something different and bring a little of the show closer to people at home. They knew they wanted to use XR Solutions and decided that they would like to create a holographic message to use as promotional tool for the tour.


We created a short video with one of the artists performing as Michael Jackson. He does a quick introduction to the musical, gives information about the show dates and venue before finishing with a short dance to one of Mj’s most iconic songs. The artist was able to film the content required to create the hologram himself, using a tripod and his own smart phone.

Working with our partner Beem, we were able to transform the the footage into a hologram experience that would be activated by scanning a QR code with your phone.


The QR code has been on display on all of the show’s usual marketing materials including their website, social media channels, at the theatres and even on buses through the city of Barcelona for one month. When the tour moves to Madrid in September, marketing will commence there.

Where ever fans are, they will be able to get a taste of the show by viewing a mini personal performance from the main star! Imagine seeing MJ in your home, in your office, in a bar, or waiting at the bus stop.

Summum Music has said: “We decided to work with Blend because this is such an innovative product and very unusual in our sector still. The experience has been very interesting, and we feel it is a very useful one for years to come. Thanks, Blend.”

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