‘Try-on’ something new this year using AR | Blend Media

A new year can be a good time to try something new.  This year, you can do lots of the ‘trying’ virtually!

At the end of last year, Instagram Shopping launched a new feature, the #VirtualTryOn.  Users are able to try on their favourite beauty products, powered by Spark AR and then purchase immediately.  MAC cosmetics is one of the first brands to trial the new feature which will be rolled out to more brands in the near future. Engagement on AR effects and filters is already high and now brands have the opportunity to see a tangible ROI for including AR on their marketing plan.


The future of AR e-commerce is bright with a predicted $12.7 billion products to be purchased through AR interfaces by 2023. You can see why AR can give consumers the confidence to complete a purchase and also help reduce e-commerce returns.  Try before you buy takes on a whole new meaning with AR!

Virtual try-on isn’t completely new however,  Modiface  (an AR makeup app) has been around for years. However, it’s the e-commerce integration that makes this exciting. L’oreal purchased Modiface back in 2018 and the technology is now integrated into Amazon, allowing you to try different lipstick shades before purchasing and will be rolled out for other products in the coming months.

Just before the Christmas holidays, Dior launched an AR makeup feature to showcase its holiday makeup collection.  The dramatic effect is certainly impressive and is said to be the first 3D makeup filter created by digital and 3D makeup artist Ines Alpha. Users can try the filter themselves, although the effect wasn’t shoppable…. maybe next time! 

We are set to see the use of Social AR and AR e-commerce increase throughout 2020 so why not get in touch and try something new this year. Visit https://market.blend.media/ to post your AR brief and connect with top immersive talent.