A Journey with Immersive 360° Videos

Explore our extensive library of immersive 360° videos, changing the way we see and interact with content.

Since Blend Media was founded in 2016 we have created and curated the world’s largest and most comprehensive premium collection of 360 stock video clips and produced content.

360-degree video, also known as a spherical or immersive video, captures footage in all directions simultaneously, allowing viewers to be fully immersed and explore the entire scene by just looking around, as though are actually there.

360-degree videos can be viewed using tablets or mobile as well as VR headsets like the Meta Quest, Apple Vision Pro or Pico VR range. They are also extensively used in immersive rooms, full-domes and planetariums, where the videos are projected onto large screens or surfaces surrounding the viewer, providing an immersive viewing experience. 

There are many use-cases for 360 video but let’s explore in particular how these captivating and engaging immersive videos enhance Healthcare, Education, Tourism, Corporate Marketing and Location Based Experiences.


Therapeutic Escapes & Distraction: Transport and immerse patients to tranquil landscapes for moments of relaxation and distraction from procedures and treatments. Bucket-list and travel films offer inspiring adventures that contribute to overall well-being of patients with applications extending to senior and palliative care.


Enriching Learning Adventures: Spark curiosity and enhance learning experiences. Take students on virtual expeditions to historical landmarks, ecosystems, or cultural sites, providing an engaging and enriching educational journey. From exploring ancient ruins to diving deep into marine ecosystems, our videos offer dynamic and engaging learning experiences that boost information retention levels.

The below immersive space is courtesy of Igloo Vision

Corporate Marketing:

Dynamic Product Displays: Transform your product marketing strategy and increase footfall, engagement and interest at expos, conferences or conventions with our immersive 360° videos. Conceptual, inspirational and instantly captivating content through LED screens, immersive rooms or VR headset experiences. Create environments or scenes in immersive spaces, rooms or full-domes, for thematic events or launches, to foster a deeper connection with your audience, leave a lasting impression and strengthen brand identity.


Immersive Destination Films: Redefine travel marketing with our extensive stock 360° video content and produced travel films, giving virtual travellers the ticket to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of hundreds of destinations; from bustling city streets to serene natural wonders, inspiring travellers to embark on their next exploration with confidence. For use at trade shows, expos and pop-ups as well as web-based immersive content for online travel publications and travel agents, in-lounge and inflight entertainment for airlines, VR experiences to promote destinations, tours and activities on cruise liners

Location-Based Experiences in Domes or Immersive Rooms:

Tailored Immersions: Elevate experiences with location-based 360° videos designed for domes, planetariums or immersive rooms. Seamlessly blend content with physical spaces, from immersive installations to interactive museum exhibits, our content transforms physical environments into captivating storytelling platforms, creating unforgettable experiences.

Discover the endless potential of our immersive 360° videos as they redefine the art of visual storytelling. Whether seeking solace in therapeutic escapes, embarking on educational adventures, exploring new destinations, engaging with products in virtual showrooms or indulging in tailored immersions in domes or immersive rooms, our 360 content library is your gateway to unparalleled immersive experiences. 

Welcome to a new era of visual marvels.

The below immersive space is courtesy of Igloo Vision