Your Face or Mine – Face to Face Marketing with Filters

Your Face or Mine. Not the TV show, (let’s not get into a debate on the ethics of that!) but face filters, whether you like them or not, they are here to stay!

Last week, Facebook launched its new AR ads product allowing brands to run interactive AR campaigns within your news feed.

One industry that’s really taking advantage of the increased engagement and brand uplift that AR experiences can offer is the Music industry.

Given that practically all artists these days use social media as a way of connecting growing their fan base and connecting directly to their fans, AR ads and filters are being used by established artists and emerging artist alike.

Most recently Capitol Records launched an AR experience to build excitement for the release of Liam Payne’s new single and album. Working with renowned AR creators Aug-it and Marc Wakefield, Capitol developed a pinball game experience that fans could play whilst being exposed to Liam’s new track. Facebook results show an increase of 5% in brand awareness of single and a 19% increase in ad recall.

Taking this one step further, Mark Ronson launched a world first AR video in September this year. Featuring King Princess, the ‘ Pieces of Us’ was purpose designed for instagram video using real time AR affects that users could then interact with.  Fan engagement with the filters was so good that Sony decided to include some of the fan content as part of the single launch. Sony also claim that completed views of the video on instagram were higher than they would normally get on YouYube.

Even if you may not have the budget for a full-scale AR video, (although not as expensive as you might think!)  you can still create an AR experience that will resonate and engage with your fans.  Emerging artist Sub Urban used AR to create an effect for his new single Cradles that transported you into the music video itself, bringing the video to life for the fans and allowing them to feel like they are part of the journey too.

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