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6 Ways to Improve Business Performance With Extended Reality (XR)

Thea Parnell / 15 days ago

Businesses are increasingly turning to Extended Reality to solve problems, empower the workforce, and improve performance. With 2021 just starting, many organisations are considering how to start to incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) into strategic initiatives and transformation projects.

Download our report, 6 Ways to Improve Business Performance With Extended Reality (XR), and understand the power of Extended Reality with case-studies from:

  1. L’Oreal Matrix: Retail experience improvement
  2. BMW: Vehicle prototyping
  3. Deloitte: Employee mobility
  4. Hilton: Empathy building
  5. The Macallan Distillery: Brand storytelling
  6. Walmart: Training at scale

“Businesses, the economy and society are at a crucial stage in the adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality. Everything is in place for these technologies to now deliver on their promise by improving the way organisations operate, making processes faster and more effective, and creating incredible new experiences,” Jeremy Dalton Head of VR/AR, PwC UK.

Blend Market helps make Extended Reality projects a reality for global businesses with access to highly-skilled creators, talk to us to find out more and leverage the power of XR.