Creator Profile: Jason Glenister

Creator profile: Jason Glenister

How using pure ‘storytelling’ techniques in 360 produces great results

I’ve been lucky to have been making films in one form or another through the biggest changes in camera formats since film began i.e. shooting film stock, then seeing the (often difficult) transition to video and ultimately into the purely digital domain. 

Each had its variants and benefits, crusaders and defenders, evangelists and militants, but ultimately these format leaps were part of film and entertainment’s progress and the democratisation of the art of Filmmaking.

I’ve managed to benefit from all the changes in technology as I come from a narrative content background, starting with music videos – the best 3min story devise there is as its all set to music. As I continued through the various narrative-based forms of commercial storytelling, branded content, commercial advertising and corporate documentary making, my main aim was to be able to write as well as direct the content.write as well as direct the content.

For me, this has been key in spanning format changes and progress in film technology (including 360 video) to initially focus purely on the story – the tale that we are being told, no matter the format or final viewing medium. 

“I can drive the creative filmmaking process forward and bring whichever technology suits the narrative best to create films not driven by the technology but by the story.”

My first professional 360 film content experience was with Blend Media, creating wonderful films for The Macallan whisky brand. I worked closely with Simon Brooksbank, CCO at Blend, whom I’d known and worked with for years and is a highly respected film and video producer. He suggested that we approach the brief from a more classical narrative angle to create four films that explored the people, stories and ultimately the spirit, for the worlds most renowned whisky producer.

These films brought together so many incredibly talented people from across the 360 film world, as well as traditional film camera/lens technicians, it was a genuine revelation for me. The whole experience was totally inspiring – like going to school every day and being taught by brilliant, funny and very talented individuals – each one a leader in their field. Happily, my background in pure storytelling translated what was a highly technical and demanding set of films, into what feels like effortless and highly engaging 360 content.

Many of the people involved in the production were equally given an insight into how using pure ‘storytelling’ techniques in 360 can produce great results.

I personally learnt so much through that experience, it gave me a new lease of life in my chosen career and ultimately in the possibilities of filmmaking and immersive content creation into the future.

I work hard to get finished concepts in front of clients, complete with written outlines, shot lists, design layouts and even hand-drawn storyboards for all the projects I work on. In my experience, this really helps the pitch process for the client-side and happily, really cements the ideas for all members of the film crew and post-production process.

If you’re a client and would like to tell your brand story through the power of 360 get started here or talk to us; or if you’re a creator with immersive skills join Blend Market here. For all question or for more information please get in touch at hello@blend.mediahere or talk to us; or if you’re a creator with immersive skills join Blend Market here. For all question or for more information please get in touch at