Immersive Storytelling for Brands on Halloween

Halloween is a fast-growing sector, spreading its spooky excitement beyond just the United States.  It is being largely driven by millennials around the globe and so if that is your brand’s key demographic, it provides a perfect occasion to engage with them.  

78% of Millennials say they would rather spend money on experiences rather than material things – highlighting just how much the Experience Economy is booming.  Humans retain only 20% of what they read and hear, 40% of what they observe and a staggering 90% of what they experience! Immersive content has become a benchmark for showcasing which brands are successfully adapting their digital approach to be more innovative in a highly competitive market.

Last Halloween, Fanta launched a virtual reality experience at Thorpe Park and Westfield Stratford.  Guests were invited to put on a VR headset and enter a spooky elevator ride to the 13th floor to attend a Halloween party, when suddenly the elevator crashes to the ground.   The immersive experience marks Fanta’s biggest ever investment in Halloween.

Consumers no longer want passive experiences that do not cater to their selective attention spans. They crave authenticity and long for genuine, immersive experiences that will excite and engage them.

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