Life In 360°: Because You’re Worth It

It's time to put on make-up, it's time to dress up right, it's time to... go to the salon with L'Oreal.

Sometimes, as you know on Life In 360° we step away from the usual random video of when a meteorite hit the Earth a century ago, or of traditional dance routines from a far-flung land, or an in-depth look at life under the sea, or an explanation of how various bits of technology work and actually bring you some news to go along with it.

Today that is the case as we’ve an update from London-based start-up Blend Media. They, in case you don’t know, are in the business of providing content and technology that make it easier to do all the things needed to make an interactive 360 degree video, as well as other virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. Including the creation, licensing and publishing of the content in question.

Their latest partnership comes with French cosmetics company L’Oreal, more specifically L’Oreal’s worldwide salon division known as MATRIX, founded by the company back at the beginning of the eighties.

Blend Media has helped to produce what they are terming “a unique training experience” for the division, with the project designed to “drive deeper engagement and better information retention for trainees”.

Initially revealed at the brand’s annual event Matrix Destination, via Oculus Rift headset stations. The experience which features a multi-step walk-through and demonstration by MATRIX brand ambassador Tabatha Coffey, is available now for people to view online. It’s not the sort of thing we can embed on the site however. You can find clips and things online however.

“L’Oreal wanted to boost training by creating an enjoyable, memorable experience that connects every trainee with global ambassador Tabatha Coffey.” Explains Blend Media’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Partnerships, Greg Bond. “It’s a great example of how next generation video can be used creatively to make a massive difference to training.”

This article was originally published by VR FocusThis article was originally published by VR Focus