Immersive Upskilling – Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention 

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, or is there? Simon Brooksbank, Chief Content Officer at Blend Media, reflects on our recent webinar Immersive UpskillingImmersive Upskilling and explains why, as an industry, we’re learning how to take the wheel and reinvent it into a sphere. 

“I think of upskilling as reinventing because the immersive technology industry is changing at a rate of knots and in response, human nature kicks in and drives us to try new things in order to succeed. 

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has accelerated the ability and need to learn new skills. Whereas some creatives were experimenting with immersive technologies as a passion project, now with some experiencing a reduced commute and projects on hold, these skills have been honed and the outcome is an expert creator with more relevant silks and competitive advantage. 

However, this is an industry that has been challenging itself to grow and evolve long before March 2020. We work in a hugely creative space where the work produced provides inspiration for those around us, motivates us to try new things and gain new abilities. When this is shared back with the community the cycle starts again, with inspiration driving creativity and innovation.”

Creators on Blend Market joined the panel discussion, moderated by Simon, to share their experiences of upskilling:

Alex Rühl, Award-Winning Creative VR Director

Chrissy Gow, Founder of AR Agency, Access AR

Ross Wakefield, Director ARea Creative

Watch our webinar here…

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