Let VR entertain you

How the entertainment industry is using immersive content to bring the audience closer than ever

The applications for immersive technologies are wide-ranging and are evolving at pace; from 3D models of theatre and film sets; AR filters for album launches and game releases; to virtual cinemas and hyper-reality opera

Here’s how some of Blend Market’s clients and creators are using the platform to create immersive experiences beyond the stage and screen. 

Bill Kenwright Limited (BKL) wanted to create a set of Augmented Reality assets to promote its upcoming* slate of well known high-value musicals across Instagram. They came to Blend Media, during the Beta phase, to access a network of global creators who could develop the AR assets at competitive rates.

Steve Potts, Executive Director at BKL: “Bill Kenwright Limited is thrilled to be working with Blend Market on the creation of new digital marketing assets for musicals and movies. Blend has provided a comprehensive choice of best-in-field creators via a seamless process, which has empowered BKL to first learn what it needs to know, and then maximise the value of its investments.”

Chrissy Gow, founder AccessAR and creator on the BKL project: “The Blend Market Team does a great job connecting creators with clients. The platform is easy to use and support is readily available whenever it is required.”

Tom Martin Davies, used Blend Market to connect with a global music label to create an AR filter. The project was to support the announcement of a big returning artist’s new mixtape – we just can’t mention who but check out Tom (@tmdanimation) • Instagram photos and videos

Tom Martin Davies, Creator at OBject Space: “I found a brief to work with a global music label to create an AR filter for a well-known artist, which ticked all my boxes. I communicated and quoted for the work through the marketplace and when the project was complete Blend Market quickly released the client funds. It also gives you peace of mind that you are protected as a creator. Blend Market is a great place for clients and creators to meet and create amazing work together.”

If you’re a client and have an immersive project that you’d like to make a reality get started here; or if you’re a creator with immersive skills join Blend Market here. For all question or for more information please get in touch at hello@blend.media